Why Share Market ?

What are the two things which every human is short of?

  1. Job – you cannot make so much money till retirement
  2. FD/ Bank/ Gold/ Post – No scheme can give you so much money
  3. Business –only 1% of the businesses give this much
  4. Professionals – Will take generations to make so much money. In this example Amitabh Bachchan being professional bought Just Dial shares to make huge money in short span of time.

So, huge money can be made through share market and lot of time can be saved and enjoyed…

Let’s see how share market is beneficial to us
  • Daily white transactions upto 5,00,000 cr money – Biggest market/ business in the world
  • Only 1.5% of total Indian population is in share market – Huge opportunity that means only 1.3cr people do turnover of 5, 00,000 cr every day – Huge opportunity in the market to enter.
  • Very importantly out of these 1.3 cr people only 5-6 lacs people make money out of share market because of share market education which will be available in the course
  • The funniest part of share market is these 1.3cr people don’t know each other but they do business with each other
  • AND all the money is in white and legal which is strictly watched by SEBI (Govt) with 100% transparency
  • Here the time frame is flexible. From 9:15am to 11:15pm – Freedom of time
  • Saturday, Sunday & all Govt holidays are off. Enjoy every holiday with your family, invest time for health, relation, hobbies and many more…
  • No office space require and you can do trading anywhere in the world. Only thing required is internet and mobile/laptop
  • No need to find customers, no need to give customer service, no negotiation, no dependency
  • You don’t need any employee, no salaries to pay, no security, no go down space, no maintenance
  • No need to maintain records physically
  • No goods expiry, no theft, no shop act, no licensing, no inspections, no property tax and many more
  • With very less time, we can have huge profits
  • Open & close time you can decide as per your priority
There is no limit to how much you can earn or trade but, it is possible only when you a RIGHT education that WORKS