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Weekly Batch Fees - Rs. 8000/-

2 Days course conducted in renowned Hotel in the city

Day 1 Day 2
Breakfast 9:00 am Breakfast 9:00 am
Course Starts 10:00 am Course Starts 10:00 am
Tea-Break 11:30 am Tea-Break 11:30 am
Lunch Break 2:00 pm Lunch Break 2:00 pm
Hi-tea Break 4:30 pm Hi-tea Break 4:30 pm
First Day Ends 6:00 pm Second Day Ends 6:00 pm
Equity Market Commodity Market Demat Account Trading Software
All from basic Derivatives Market - Future Technical Analysis
Fundamental Analysis Trading Techniques & Strategies Portfolio Management & Financial Planning
  • Weekly Batch (Only available in Nashik) at Finanthropist Office
  • Course starts on Monday - every day at 6pm to 8pm
  • Break only on Sunday and course ends next Tuesday
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Learn & Earn Course Structure

  • 2 full days educational course which will teach you:
  • Share market and earning from share market
  • Commodity and earning from commodity market
  • In the easiest way that anyone can start trading and earning individually.
  • Here you will be taught:
  • Technical analysis and studies
  • Our developed analysis & theories of all the markets
  • Financial awareness
  • Practical & live market practices
  • Stop loss and Target trainings
  • IPO information & buying techniques
  • Psychology – Fear & Greed

We want to make sure that you get the most from our course and from us.

Here's what you expect:

1. Beliefs of life, beliefs of share market

One cannot out perform his/her beliefs system. To have a successful trading we first need to transform our belief system about us, our performance, our beliefs about share market and the earning possibilities of each individual.

2. How Investments Work

The main objective behind every investments is “Make Work for Us and Grow the Money” but, that is decided on our understanding of how investments work. This part of the course gives you clarity what you can do with your existing investments and what you need to see when you do investment here after.

3. All About IPO All About Your Benefits

IPO is nothing but Initial Public Offering. How Shares are introduced to us by all the companies and how can we have the benefits of earning huge initial benefits and having the advantage of first customer.

4. Primary & Secondary Market

Know both of these will give you all the clarity how we can get benefited from the share market be it Intraday (daily) Trading, Delivery Trading, Long Term Trading. You will be master of basics of the market (That’s what is important which majority of people miss learning & mess up later by incurring losses).

5. Fundamentals of Market

How come Rich Become Richer and Poor Remain Poorer? Fundamentals of market give you the key to create WEALTH for us & coming generations. This one will opens the door to the unlimited possibilities of earning huge money long term.

6. Technical Analysis

The Lifeline of stock market. One of our specialty is teaching “Technical Analysis” in the easiest way. You will be master of stock reading and analyzing effortlessly. We reading charts through your mobile & laptop/PC both. You can trade just with stock price also with certain easy practices. This also help you earn even if Market is UP OR DOWN.

7. Effective Use of Pivot Calculations and Magic of Numbers

It is most beneficial when you learn from the Masters of Numbers. The magic of numbers theory is developed and made it easy only for you after decades of study. This is the USP of our course.

8. Trade Setup and Winning Formula

This is only course which will teach you the exact trade setup and successful winning formula. After doing my studies and courses people ask now tell me which trade to take? You will not have this question once you learn the Trade Setup from us.

9. Trader’S Psychology – Utmost Important

Learn all that you can, be it fundamentals, technical analysis or practice stock market BUT, you cannot make profits unless you know how Trader’s Psychology is required. This is the most important part of the course. Person with right psychology can win over right technics.

10. Money Back Guarantee And Life Time Support

Our commitment is; you earn through stock market be it, you are new to share market or experienced. Through this course we will be in the life time connection. You will be our esteemed customers whom we provide all the support possible.
Once you are at the end of the course you can ask for refund of course fees if you didn’t understood the course, we couldn’t teach you as per your expectations or you think this is no use course.

Note: If the fees is paid online/ card then, it might take some time to refund but rest assured your will get your fees back without deductions other than taxes.

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