Course Registrations T&C

By registering to the course you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions lead by Finanthropist Educare Pvt Ltd

You agree to the time of the course. In case of 2 days batch you will reach the venue by 9am and you will follow the rules given in the course (weekly batch time will be communicated time to time). The food which will be provided by the hotel during these 2 days or weekly batch is decided considering the general food preference, in case you need special food you need to inform us in advance. By any reason the course is not completed in these 2 days or week or you could not attend it then, company will make sure you get all the benefits by providing you the next course available in any city. The fees which you have paid¬†once you are at the end of the course you can ask for refund of course fees if you didn’t understood the course, we couldn’t teach you as per your expectations or you think this is no use course.

Note: If the fees is paid online/ card then, it might take some time to refund but rest assured your will get your fees back without deductions other than taxes.

Your details which are shared with us will remain with us only. We do not sell or misuse.

During the course we will click the photographs and do the video recordings and we may use the same for our research and development and marketing purposes. If you are not comfortable with photographs and shoot then you have to mention in advance. We will look into the matter. Also, these photographs and video shoot will not be provided to you for any use. This is entirely Finanthropist property.

The details and notes provided to you during this course is not recommended to distribute further and misuse.

You are also strictly request not to share any monitory benefits to any person associated to Finanthropist Directly or Indirectly. Finanthropist is not responsible to your profits or losses whatsoever.

Participant or their acquaintance will not have any say on these rules.All rights reserved with Finanthropist Educare Pvt Ltd.