Share Market Learn & Earn Advance Course

Advance Module II

Duration - 6 Weeks Fees - Rs. 25000/- Register now
Online on Zoom Fees - Rs. 25000/-

Online –3 days in a week for 6 weeks 2-3 hours online live course sessions OR Physical & online - 2 days in week for 6 weeks 2-3 hours physical & 1 session online

Developed on 5 Pillars

1. Theme Based Trading

Theme based trading is closely related to the Trading strategy. It is based on identifying the trends and their reshaping towards the growth of benefits. We help our participants to generate thematic investing ideas as well as researching the stocks that match the theme.

2. Prediction Based Trading

Our Prediction based Trading Strategies Leads to increased profits. It is based on Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis. With our learning you can start your own technical and fundamental analysis for making predictions of the stock market. According to market direction you can extract the most important information to analyze.

3. Price Based Trading

Price is the most significant source of information. Learn to determine the direction of the trades and identify the profitable trading opportunities. In the Live Market make decisions based on the price movements of the stock market. Finanthropist Educare provides you best practices and helps you to make your Price Action Trading simple and easy.

4. Option Based Trading

Optional Trading is very popular in India. It is the simplest strategy with low risk. Optional trading is simple but it requires few skills and steps that need for successful trading. Learn the step by step and effective process for optional trading to maximize your profit and limit the risks.

5. Art of Creating Your Own Trading System

Creating your own Trading System helps to make a Trading Plan. Learn excellent Trading Strategies and save you time and cost. Our teaching helps our participants to find exact potential stocks on their own analysis. Live Trading Session in the Live Market is the vital part to create your own trading system easily and quickly.

This will make you a full-fledged trader and investor in the stock market. You can choose to become a full time trader and create your career also.

Finanthropist Educare features Lifetime Support and Lifetime Mentorship. We are the only company that handholds you to become a successful trader and investor.

Support after Course.

Now a days knowledge has become very cheap. You get all the answers to your questions on google & youtube “BUT”, support makes all the difference in our performance.

Finanthropist is the only company who support you every day to become Trader & Investor. We practically make you use all the teaching of our course while doing the course itself and after course we train you every day on how you can use all these teaching in the live market and trade every day and also invest in the stock market.

This support is priceless.

We also support you to select short term & long term stocks. We recommend upcoming IPOs too.